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Mystery Solved... by Longitudes-Latitudes Mystery Solved... :iconlongitudes-latitudes:Longitudes-Latitudes 21 1 RIP Yoshito Usui by IllusionEvenstar RIP Yoshito Usui :iconillusionevenstar:IllusionEvenstar 25 6
Thrax's Hangover
Thrax woke up with a pounding headache. He looked out the window, but couldn't tell what time it was because it was dark and raining outside. He rolled over and found pills and a glass of water on the night stand. As he took them, Ozzy walked in.
"Hey, you're finally awake," Ozzy noticed.
Thrax rubbed his aching head. "What time is it, baby?"
"It's almost eleven." Thrax groaned and let his head fall back on the pillow. "Do you remember anything that happened last night?"
Thrax shrugged. "I remember we got to the party, and that I was in a drinking contest. Why?"
Ozzy laughed. "You were so incredibly drunk! It was amazing!"
"I didn't do anything stupid, did I?" Ozzy nodded, smiling wide. He sighed. "What the fuck did I do?"
"You couldn't walk straight at all; it was hilarious!" Ozzy laughed, and Thrax glared. "But in all seriousness, you got super mushy. You tried to make your hypothalamus chain into a crown for me, and said you'd make me a king or a queen and that I could have as many
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 55 19
Secret's Out
"Come on in," Ozzy said, motioning for Drix to step inside. "Want something to drink?" He asked, slipping off his jacket.
"I'm fine, thanks." Drix answered.
"Be right back. Gonna hang this up in my room." He referred to his jacket. He opened the door, and let out a surprised scream.
"Is everything alright?" Drix got up, a look of concern on his face.
At the sight of his friend coming over, Ozzy immediately closed the door. "Oh no, everything's fine!"
"Are you sure?" Drix questioned suspiciously.
"Yeah, yeah; everything's fine! It's just a mess in there is all. You sit down and relax, I'll go clean up real quick. Be right back!" Before Drix could protest, Ozzy opened the door just barely enough for him to get through and closed it as soon as he entered. Drix shrugged his shoulders and sat down at the couch.
Ozzy refused to look at the virus lying on the bed. "Thrax put your clothes on."
"Why, baby?" Ozzy could hear the smirk in his voice.
"Because I got a friend over." Ozzy sighed, tryi
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 51 13
Give me Fever
Ozzy and Drix just finished the last part of the obstacle course. Ever since Thrax tried to kill Frank, twice a year members of the police force were forced to go through a grueling fitness test to make sure they were prepared. Before the obstacle course they were forced to do large sets of pushups and situps, and were now given a short break before running laps.
"I hate this spit!" Ozzy complained as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.
"It is a necessary evil," Drix panted. It was then that he noticed a car pull up along side the fence. "Jones, isn't that your car?"
"Are you serious? Again!" Ozzy sighed. "I'll be right back."
He started walking over to the car. "Hey Jones! That your girl? How's a cell like you gettin' any action?" One of his friends teased.
"Y'all are just jealous cause your dividing with yourselves." Ozzy replied. When he was a few feet away from the fence he shouted, "Stop breaking into my car!"
"Don't think of it as breaking in, baby." Thrax said. "Think of it as
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 76 26
Meeting the Old Man
"I'm back!" Ozzy shouted as he slammed the front door. He looked through the pile of mail in his arms. "Trash, trash, trash, trash, letter." He seemed surprised to find anything but ads. "Letter for La Muerte Roja," Ozzy read. He dropped the letter onto the book Thrax was reading and turned on the TV.
Thrax opened the letter as Ozzy flicked through the channels. He ended up on a channel that played music videos. He made a face in disgust. "Miley Virus would you please put that tongue back in your mouth! No one wants to see that!" Thrax walked over to the couch where Ozzy was sitting. "Look at the way she's dancin'! Nasty!"
"Jones," Thrax began, "we need to talk."
The cell turned off the TV. "Well that's never good." The virus sat down next to him; he looked exhausted, as if reading the letter was bad enough.
"My old man's comin' into town." Thrax said, annoyed.
Ozzy looked alarmed. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is he gonna try and take down Frank?!"
"No, he's visiting." In Thrax's mind, visiting
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 78 23
Happy_Ending (Commission, part 2 of 2) by blackenedkrono Happy_Ending (Commission, part 2 of 2) :iconblackenedkrono:blackenedkrono 74 4 Baby Vincent and Mom by Jaymzeecat Baby Vincent and Mom :iconjaymzeecat:Jaymzeecat 19 13 Vincent Mom Sketch by Jaymzeecat Vincent Mom Sketch :iconjaymzeecat:Jaymzeecat 12 8 Earths Protector by RandomSpaceCactus Earths Protector :iconrandomspacecactus:RandomSpaceCactus 66 22
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The MPREG Anthology X :iconblackknightgargie:BlackKnightGargie 37 1
Vya - Lip Sync :iconsaxitlurg:saxitlurg 39 25
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Sorry that this late but have happy Christmas or Hanukkah


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